What is Goji?


Scientific studies have shown that that include foods high in antioxidants, support the process of weight loss. Goji is among the products rich in antioxidants. For comparison: in Goji contains 25% more antioxidants than blueberries, 2.5 times more than pomegranate and 10 times more than strawberries. With regular consumption of Goji can achieve significant and sustainable weight loss. This means that pound not only in the early days of weight loss, as happens with some diets. You will lose weight during the process, when you are the procedure to follow.

To include Goji in your diet not only slim rod and sculpted thighs but also supply the body with many useful items, and significantly improve their internal functions. Nutritionists recommend that your Breakfast and dinner added about 25 to 45 grams of Goji berries. This amount is sufficient to stimulate the process of weight loss.

It is important to note

that eating dried fruit is not nothing uncomfortable or annoying. Fruits are very tasty, have a pleasant sweet taste sour taste. Their structure can be compared with. You can be sure that the dried Goji you dream with pleasure! Dried fruits can be added to different dishes – fruit salads, tea, soups, rice, etc. at the Time the their taste.

If you decide to lose weight with Goji, the berries can be attributed to the normal diet or choose a diet in which the diet of this fruit already contains. For reviews, which were based on Goji, these berries during the process of weight loss well. It would be advisable to slightly restrict your eating habits to avoid products. You should give up sweets, fatty, fried foods and starch in food. If you are in the same time to consume Goji, dishes, I’m pretty much positive results.

What doctors say about Goji

Currently, many nutritionists Chinese wolf berries is recommended. Many experts say about the positive impact of Goji on the body. They claim that the Goji berry prevents cholesterol accumulation in the veins and contributes to the indentation of the excess fat from the liver. The cholesterol in the body is mainly through diet. This lipid is a building material. Its presence is necessary for cells, organs and tissues. Doctors believe that Goji is safe. You can buy without a prescription. Even quite healthy people can take Goji. Be careful not to consume Goji but, if you take. The legend of the origin of Goji

During the war (475 př.nl on the southern slope of mount Perfume in the Chinese province of Ning-sia, there lived a young farmer. He Was Named Tzu.

When Tzu, grew up, married a girl from the family of the Qi. Qi was much a working woman with a loving heart. The couple lived a happy life until His Tzu in the army to defend their country from invaders.

After several years of struggle, GOU zi fulfilled his military service and returned home. It was at this time in his village the great famine, and many of the villagers died of starvation. But when he had entered his house, he was very surprised that his wife and mother were healthy. GOU zi asked their women as possible. And she told him that when it was not there, and picked berries on the arrow in top Spirits and their entire family. Gou Zi from happiness. Neighbours heard the story and to collect red berries to his family

Goji how many a day, and the dosage to (Chinese Goji)

Chinese Goji Goji is a great addition to the diet and panacea, which is popular with a growing number of people.

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